RGB the Game

No Longer available on app store

The Project

RGB The Game is an exciting iOS game, where you dodge countless obstacles, smash through walls, and collect orbs to purchase upgrades in your future adventures!

Screenshot 2012.10.17 13.51.44Soar through space as you frantically avoid obstacles and smash through walls. Don’t fall behind or you will be crushed and shattered into a million pieces! Collect orbs along the way in order to purchase upgrades that will aid you in you future adventures!


My work and accomplishments include:

  • Developed entire game in Unity3D using C#
  • Published on the iOS App Store for a year (October 2012-October 2013)
  • Created all art assets in Illustrator and Phototshop


Development Details

Solo Developer

Music and Sound – Spencer Mauro

Development Dates: July 2012 – October 2012

Made in Unity

Published on iOS App Store for 1 year from October 2012 – October 2013

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