Among the Clouds

Among the Clouds is an asymmetric multiplayer game of cat and mouse. The game takes place on a fleet of industrial airships. One player takes the role of an agent trying to sabotage the fleets industry, while the other player takes the role of the airship’s security system trying to capture the agent.

Download and play it free here!

My accomplishments and responsibilities on this project include:

  • Designed, iterated, and implemented the level
    • Overall structure and path including camera positioning, transitions, and segmentation
    • Placing cover and interactive elements to provide opportunities for interesting interactions between the two players
  • Designed and implemened key mechanics such as the security resource collection  and Scanner Bot ability
  • Created on-rail and cinematic camera controls to allow for quick path creation and tweeking
  • Lead weekly design meetings where I targeted specific design goals or problem each week
  • Lead weekly formal playtest sessions in order to keep the design player focused
  • Managed design-team communication structure using Trello to ensure ideas from all team members were recorded and prioritized
  • Prototyped gameplay concepts and mechanics in Unity using C#

Here are some examples of the level design work I did on this project:

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Early prototype testing new mechanics in Unity:


Development Dates: August 2015 – May 2016