Game School Simulator 2015

Game School Simulator 2015 is a 2D simulation game where players take the role of headmaster of a brand new game school. Players will be able to create the game school of their dreams using over 10 different rooms across three floors! Manage your budget and upgrade rooms to make the very best game school!

Download and play it free here.

The game was built in one semester and was written entirely in C.

My work and accomplishments on this project include:

  • Designed and implemented simulation and gameplay in a custom engine written in C
  • Collaborated on a team of four programmers, designers and artists
  • Delivered multiple professional presentations
  • Selected by professors to be entered into the Indiecade competition


DigiPen Team Neko Means Cat

Eduardo Gorinstein – Lead Designer

Adam Rezich – Engine Architect

Samuel Valdez – Product Manager

Tai Der Hui – Producer

Patrick-Michael Casey – Artist

Spencer Mauro – Sound

Development Dates: January 2014 – April 2014

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