Showdown is a two-player futuristic arena sports game featuring 5 unique athletes.

I developed showdown in Unreal Engine 4 as a solo project. With this project I gained experience taking a game through the complete development cycle, including pre-production, prototyping, development, testing, and polish.

My accomplishments with this project include:

  • I programmed an A* pathfinding system in C++ and then utilized it in gameplay systems
  • Designed athletes and maps and balanced them to deliver interesting tactical decisions
  • Polished the systems and interactions to deliver a fun and exciting gameplay experience
    • Crowed cheers, VFX, UI iteration, tooltips
  • User experience was a challenge that I worked to overcome by designing the game’s user interface and interactions
  • I designed and iterated on the game as an analog board game for efficiency and then used that proven design to save time on digital development

I paper prototyped the core gameplay by creating a physical board game. This allowed me to quickly iterate on the map and athletes which resulted in interesting tactical decisions in both early and late game stages of each match.