OmniArch is a 2D sidescrolling action game where you play as a rebel taking down a rogue AI government. Fight your way through the city as you take down a robot police force in an action packed adventure.

Download and play free here!

My work and accomplishments in this project included:

  • Implemented gameplay (player controller, AI, environment) in custom engine (C++) using JavaScript
  • Designed enemies and combat encounters
    • Designed enemies using archetypes to allow for differences in kind
    • Each enemy had their own purpose: Brute enemy took the players attention, ranged enemy kept the player moving, area control enemy made certain terrain harder to fight in.
  • Conducted formal and informal playtesting throughout development
  • Collaborated with artists, a sound designer, and team members on theme and plot design
  • Delivered theme and story through enemy and mechanic design
  • Organized a 7 person team including programmers, artists and a sound designer using Agile
  • Facilitated communication between different disciplines to deliver a unified experience
  • Prototyped game ideas early during the summer to get a head start going into the semester.
  • Organized and delivered multiple professional presentations at various stages of development (ranging from Engine Proof to Final Presentation) which were consistently praised as professional quality


 DigiPen Team Casual Baby Ducks

_casualbabyducks_logo_trans Eduardo Gorinstein – Designer / Producer

Juli Gregg – Graphics Programmer

Tai Der Hui – Physics Programmer

Michael Tyler – Programmer

Adam Rezich – Engine Architect

John Lim – Character Artist

Patrick-Michael Casey – Environment Artist

Spencer Mauro – Sound



Development Dates: August 2014 – April 2015

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